I have been fortunate to have fished all over the world in a host of different environments at various levels of the sport. From arduous full time commercial fishing, high end tournaments in the salt fresh and overseas arenas to the local recreational fishing venues. I fish for just about everything that I can access from the freshwater dams chasing bass to barra  the creeks chasing grunter to flathead and the offshore reefs of the southern great barrier reef chasing GTs to coral trout. I utilize my multi species 5m vessel to its fullest potential and my Hummninbird units continue to provide me the very best in sonar technology across all of these waterways as they have done for the past 20 years. While the Minn kota range of electric motors allow me the stealth to target flats species in a couple of feet of water one day and spot lock pin point accuracy while bottom fishing for a host of reef species the next. I rely heavily on both of these products and really put them through their paces.