The game-changing i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System enables your Humminbird fish finder and Minn Kota trolling motor to communicate, delivering precise, automatic boat control with a full colour LCD touchscreen. From your Humminbird unit or the wireless Link remote, you have the power to find, store and revisit your most productive fishing spots and tracks so you can spend less time positioning your boat and more time spent catching fish.
Learn how it works below.




With i-Pilot Link, you can take command from the wireless remote or your Humminbird.
And once you do, the possibilities are endless: lock onto spots, learn and retrace paths and depth contours, and more.
All with the ultimate GPS fishing system.


You fish, we drive. Only i-Pilot Link allows your boat to navigate automatically, using information from LakeMaster or AutoChart Live maps. Use a LakeMaster map to follow a depth contour, or AutoChart Live data to follow along a bottom hardness, vegetation or depth contour line from your custom map.

FOLLOW OFFSET –  Take your game to the next level by using Follow Offset to choose how far away you want to follow from any of these fish-holding areas. Follow Offset will automatically keep you a chosen distance away, while your i-Pilot Link trolling motor navigates, so you will always be just a cast length away from the fish.
Note: These features require a Minn Kota i-Pilot® Link™ trolling motor, Humminbird networking fish finder and Humminbird LakeMaster® or AutoChart® Live map.


iTracks are paths in the water (up to 2 miles long) that you can store and retrace whenever you want. Store up to 50 iTracks on your Humminbird or up to 16 on your i-Pilot Link remote.

GO TO iTRACK automatically takes you to the closest point of your selected track, and lets you retrace it in either direction.

BACKTRACK automatically retraces your current iTrack up to 2 miles.


Spot-Lock works like a GPS anchor to keep you right on top of any spot more accurately than ever. Store up to 10,000 Spot-Locks on your SOLIX, or up to 2,500 on your HELIX and i-Pilot Link remote.

GO TO SPOT-LOCK returns to your spot, and locks back into it upon arrival.

GO TO WAYPOINT returns to a stored waypoint automatically, at any speed, and upon arrival, you can go into Spot-Lock, AutoPilot or shut off the prop.


HUMMINBIRD VIRTUAL REMOTE – Take command of your trolling motor’s speed, steering, Spot-Lock and Advanced AutoPilot, directly from your Humminbird screen.

MOBILE APP – Quick command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock and AutoPilot, plus easy software updates directly from your mobile device. Compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 8.0 or later, and Android 4.4.2 and up.


On their own, our trolling motors, fish finders and shallow water anchors are trusted, reliable, cutting edge products that let all kinds of anglers focus on and enjoy fishing even more. But to truly unlock the potential of every angler we’ve created the One-Boat Network that enables the most advanced fishing gear to get even better, by working together