• State:
  • Occupation:
    Commercial Diver/Construction
  • Why I Use Humminbird:
    It is simple really! It’s the best! I like the fact I find the units are easy to use and are not menu driven. I have done many tournaments where my Humminbird is picking up fish, structure and substrate that other people around me aren’t seeing and that makes a major difference in a situation where even minor advantage can be the difference between being on the podium or on the bottom.
  • Targeted Species:
    I love catching Bream, Trout, Snapper but to be honest if it has fins and gills I’ll chase it!
  • Fishing Highlights:
    On the competitive side, 2 Hobie AOYs, 2x Winner Hobie Australian Championships 2016/2018, 2013 Hobie World Champion, 2014 Hobie Bass Champion, 2013 Winner of the inaugural Sheng Zhong invitational in China. But to be honest most of my highlights have been able to travel the world doing something I love.
  • Favourite Locations:
    It’s this tiny river that enters a lake in the Alaskan interior that’s only know as secret Lake. Amazing fishing, scenery and wildlife.
  • Most Memorable Capture:
    I seriously can’t put my finger on one thing? Most trips usually have something I can remember and that’s why I do it.