• State:
    Based in Tasmania, but fish right around the country
  • Occupation:
    Hook, Line and Sinker
  • Why I Use Humminbird:
    We’ve used Humminbird sounders for the past 10 years and enjoy the performance we get out of them. Particularly loving the big Helix 12 Chrip fitted with a 1kw transducer for exceptional deep water performance. We can see bottom and fish in water well over 500 meters deep.
  • Targeted Species:
    We target them all, but recently have loved heading for the shelf, targeting swordfish and deep sea delights such as Blue Eye and Gemfish. The Humminbird ensures we usually go home with a tasty feed!
  • Fishing Highlights:
    This year we set ourselves the target of catching all three species of marlin and a broadbill swordfish from our own boat. That goal was recently achieved when we caught a filmed a swordfish. It was an epic adventure which saw us tow our boat from Brisbane to back Tassie.
  • Favourite Locations:
    Love our home state of Tassie. There’s so much on offer, from gamefishing for big SBT and swordfish to trout and bream, all within easy reach. Also enjoy the Top End - probably because the weather is somewhat warmed than home!
  • Most Memorable Capture:
    There have been plenty such as big dogtooth in the coral sea, a marlin for an old project boat we are doing up and plenty of big GT’s from the Great Barrier Reef. But the most memorable was a double hook up on blue marlin by ourselves, without a cameraman. We managed to catch them and film them. It was a great day!