Intro to Humminbird AutochartEASILY CREATE YOUR OWN CHART

Create richly detailed maps of contour changes, reefs, humps and wrecks in real time with Humminbird AutoChart Live, a free feature only available with the SOLIX Series and all GPS-equipped HELIX Series models. Storms and moving tidal cuts and channels are no problem for AutoChart Live’s up-to-the-minute accuracy, so you always have the most current fishing and navigational information. Map the water as you drive your vessel, with eight hours of built-in recording time. Once your map is live, view it with vegetation, bottom hardness and depth contours—or use it with i-Pilot® Link™. No added fees. No need to upload your data for the world to see. The future of digital charting has arrived. Better get on board.

amazing detail

amazing detail

AutoChart gives you amazing detail and features including water level offset, highlight depth, mark waypoints and more

i-pilot® link™ compatible

i-pilot® link™ compatible

AutoChart enables you to use the i-Pilot® Link™ Follow Your Contour feature on unmapped bodies.



When viewing your AutoChart maps on your PC, you will be able to see the underwater world in incredible 3D detail.


Exclusive to Pro Stores

AutoChart Live is a feature that enables users to create detailed digital maps using their ONIX and ION units. The best part is the maps are created LIVE right on the unit! The software allows users 8 hours of mapping.

If further mapping is desired a Humminbird AutoChart Zero Line Map Card (103648) will allow “Years of Mapping”. With the card, users can literally map around the clock for years and not fill the card.


make a map where there is no map

There are a lot of bodies of water with no map. You now have the ability to create your own map with all the patented Humminbird mapping features.

enhance your current charts

AutoChart Live will work with your current Navionics charts. There may be times where your body of water has changed; storms, structures, etc. AutoChart Live will record new data that overlays on top of your existing cartography option. You even have the control to adjust the transparencies to see as much or as little of the new data. The best part, it’s your map and you own it.


ipilot link

Now you have the ability to use iPilot link on any lake you fish with the “follow the contour” feature. When you combined the power of AutoChart Live and iPilot Link, you fish all day while the MinnKota drives the boat for you.

turn it on and drive the boat

From any chart view, choose menu and select the AutoChart Live tab. Turn on record and you’re ready to make a map.


Add another layer of detail to your AutoChart cartography.
New AutoChart PRO™ offers all the leading features of AutoChart—but with two key enhancements designed to give tournament anglers a competitive edge. Bottom Hardness Indication delivers a crucial tip-off to where fish are hiding, while Side Imaging Mosaic allows you to overlay your Side Imaging returns onto your AutoChart map for a 3D visualization of fish-holding habitat. With AutoChart PRO, you’ll have all the tools you need to bring your next trophy into sight.