How do you improve on a Humminbird® display? We couldn’t quite put our finger on it – until now. Legendary sonar innovation, premier navigation, life-saving situational awareness – everything that makes a Humminbird a Humminbird has been made even better by Cross Touch, standard on the new SOLIX Series. The simplicity of a touchscreen, the peace of mind in rough waters of a touchpad. It’s the best of both worlds. And from now on, neither of them will ever be quite the same.

Multi-gesture Control

Some touch interfaces limit you to finger pointing. Not this one. Multi-gesture capability lets you navigate menus and activate features with a tap, swipe or pinch. Cross Touch also minimizes false touches from splashing water.

Exclusive Full Redundancy

Take command of your display like never before. Others might claim hybrid control, but Cross Touch actually delivers it. Everything you can do with the touchscreen, you can also do with the touchpad—so rough conditions will never compromise your control. For instance, use the Cross Touch integrated flywheel or a simple touch command to quickly change range scale. Now you can easily adjust to conditions, whether the water’s choppy or you’ve got sunscreen on your fingers.

Swipe Down

Swipe two fingers down for instant access to your home screen.

Tap and Type

Tap and type on the virtual keyboard to name waypoints and more.

Press and Hold

Press and hold to mark waypoints.

Pinch to Zoom

Pinch to zoom in for a closer look at your sonar returns and charts.