Never deviate from your route with the precise control and proven performance of your Humminbird Autopilot system. Easily navigate the SC 110 User Interface thanks to intuitive keys and menus, and a full-color, sunlight-readable display. This rugged pilot features advanced steering control technology that holds its course even in high winds. Let it take the helm with total confidence, whatever the sea’s conditions.

Take the simplest course

An Autopilot should make reaching your destination less complicated—not more. That’s the thinking behind every feature of the Humminbird Autopilot. In seconds, set your heading or turn pattern and maintain your desired route, regardless of speed or sea and wind conditions


true course

True Course uses GPS position and course-keeping algorithms to compensate for set and drift influences. The result is the steadiest possible course—automatically.


wind mode

Maintain your desired point of sail with continuously updated Apparent and Set Wind angle indication. This results in better steering in all wind and sea conditions. Use graphic close-hauled indication for quick reference.


pre-programmed turns

You focus on catching fish—let your Autopilot do the steering. Choose from pre-programmed turn patterns designed specifically for sport fishing.

Fully integrate system

The components of the Humminbird Autopilot System add up to superior course stability and steering performance, not to mention reduced fuel use. Combine them with a Humminbird navigation system for total authority on the water.


tc 11o joystick

Easily perform fast-action manoeuvres. When you’re finished, release the joystick and the Autopilot resumes to the set course. You can also use it to point the boat to a new course.


scp 110 course computer

The high-speed, highly reliable SCP 110 optimizes rudder movement by working with the integrated GPS speed, Fluxgate Compass and Rate Gyro.



Built with the finest components and ideal for crafts of all dimensions, Humminbird Pumps feature a full range of flow rates, pressure ratings and oil tank capacities.


fb 30 rudder feedback unit

This brushless RFU features a unique, linear variable transformer—providing decades of reliable performance.


fxc 110 fluxgate compass

This reliable electronic compass maintains your course based on magnetic heading reference.


hrs 1 three-axis heading sensor

Stabilise your Autopilot, radar and chart-plotter with this solid-state, three‑axis heading sensor. Combines a digital compass, three-axis accelerometer and rate gyro to achieve one to two degrees of dynamic heading accuracy, even in rough seas.