• State:
    Victoria based, fish in every state 40 weeks a year and around the world
  • Occupation:
    IFish TV Host
  • Why I Use Humminbird:
    I just had way too many people that I really respect tell me that it was the only way to go. The MEGA Side Imaging is just incredible. In my line of work, if I don’t catch fish, I don’t get fed!
  • Targeted Species:
    Salt, fresh, from game to fly and everything inbetween
  • Fishing Highlights:
    Every minute I have a rod in my hand it’s a highlight. Just love the people I meet, friends I make and places I travel too
  • Favourite Locations:
    Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, Exmouth, Darwin, Eaglehawk Neck, Rowley Shoals, Cabo San Lucas, Alaska, Florida Keys and about 1000 more
  • Most Memorable Capture:
    400 kilo (estimated) Broadbill Swordfish at Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania. 5 hour 20 min fight on 37 kilo tackle. Sat tagged and released.
    1000 pound Black Marlin off Cooktown. One hour on 130lb line. Catch and release.
    Giant Bluefin Tuna, Greymouth New Zealand. 2 hour fight on 130lb line. 2.77m long, 1.77m girth. Estimated at over 600lb