• State:
  • Occupation:
    Physical Education and Sports Science Teacher and Videographer
  • Why I Use Humminbird:
    One word ‘clarity’. The ability to distinguish between fish, bait and other structures allow me to use my time on the water effectively and efficiently. This along with Humminbird’s user friendly interface puts them a step above the rest.
  • Targeted Species:
    Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Estuary Perch and Australian Bass
  • Fishing Highlights:
    Having the privilege of filming unique captures and watching it all unfold through the viewfinder of a video camera is almost as good as catching the fish yourself.
  • Favourite Locations:
    Clyde River, Lachlan River, Tuross Lake, Windamere Dam, Murrumbidgee River.
  • Most Memorable Capture:
    Having a monster Murray Cod detonate on my surface lure next the Hobie after it bobbed stationary for 30-odd-seconds and generate a wave so big I felt like Mick Fanning riding a tube at Bells. Capturing the entire thing on 2 GoPro’s made it all the more unforgettable, as we were able to share and relive the chaos over and over again.